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QRIO – A New Paradigm In The World of Quizzing

Learning is important. And so is having fun. There is an activity which combines both – Quizzing! We all know this word. We all have been exposed to some form of Quizzing throughout our lives. After all, a Quiz is nothing but a set of questions with respective answers.

There are so many different platforms present today for Quizzing. Is there a need for one more? The answer is a resounding YES! Let’s see why.

Every Quiz-based platform is plagued by either or both of these two issues – 

  1. Volume of Content, which grows exponentially as the user base grows.
  2. Quality of Content, which becomes increasingly hard to maintain as the volume grows.

There is no solution currently available which solves this issue at scale! And this is where QRIO comes in.

At QRIO, we believe in each and every principle of democracy. So, we gave power back to the people. You, the users, create all the questions here and maintain the quality of the same as well. Here is how it works.

Every user can create a question under one of 150+ tags (or topics) available on the platform. Once a question is submitted, it is sent for review by a bunch of users. The inputs received from reviewers combined with our proprietary algorithm makes sure that only high quality questions go live on the platform.

Then comes the exciting part – the contests. No fun without the win, right? At QRIO, we do not thrust the contests on you. You get to create one according to your interests and mood. Just type in a topic of your choice and select a difficulty level and voila, you enter the contests!

Our aim to democratize this space is nothing short of revolutionary. We are striving towards building an intellectual community, a knowledge economy. Users contribute to truly take ownership of this space and bring in much needed diversity in content creation. 

One of the basic tenets of democracy is “Equity”. And we ensure that on QRIO as well. Every successful action a user takes – creating a question successfully, a successful review or winning a contest – they get rewarded instantly! The reward is cold, hard cash that you can withdraw directly to your bank account in a matter of seconds. There are thousands of platforms out there which benefit from User Generated content without paying them proportionally or in most cases, at all! We believe in quick, transparent and easy sharing of rewards with each of our users.

In conclusion, QRIO is a safe and distraction free space for you to Create, Learn and Grow. This is just the first step towards a vision of totally transforming this space for users and businesses alike. 

Be an early adopter and get on board with us on our mission. Sign up on today. Use code MYQRIO50 to get a ₹50 welcome bonus to help you get started on the platform.

In addition to our super awesome and intuitive website, we also have a very engaging platform for Quizzers. If you are or have been a quizzer or would like to take it up as a hobby, we would suggest joining us on QRIONet. It is a community of people interested in quizzing. We meet up every week for an hour on Saturdays and have a quizzing session, a factoid session and a small discussion on relevant topics. We are a constantly evolving community and are welcoming more interested people on board. Signing Up for this is easy. Just fill out this (very small) form and we’ll send the invite link straight to your inbox –

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to us on, we are very prompt in replying.

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